Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Talks about Locker Rooms

Where the Boys Are:  Teenage Masculinity
 Alexis Jones: Locker Room Talk --  Says Who?      

In the Ted Talk, I was listening to Alexis Jones talk about "Locker room talk." Says who?She argues that teen boys are so influenced by outside media and how they surround themselves with people that make accusations without knowing how to teach teen boys how to treat women or teen girls. Alexis actually believes that media, other people thinking for others, and porn is just causing to have a good bond with girls. Also, she wants to understand how we should be working together and should be putting a stop to what’s going on inside the locker room and even outside of it too.
When I watch this Ted Talk, I honestly watch it repeatedly because I can connect emotionally to how we are so fed up with the very little to no information about the world and not letting teens come up with their own opinions. The part that really got me was when she was talking about schools should be implicated emotional part of teens lives. I never had a reason why I did some things, but that part of your speech was so mind blowing, and her talk pulled me in with all the stories and reasons. Also, I like when she connected everything back to what she use to do that brought her here today.

My question to this Ted Talk is,
How would teen boys be stopped by information that is given and come up with their own opinion? I question that because I never start creating my own opinions until I went to college. It is actually easy to be influenced by other people because we are so used to being in the norms and wanting to be like others and not creating our own opinion.


  1. Hi Emily!
    Great post! I extended comments from your blogpost in my post this week because I definitely relate to some of the thoughts you had about this Ted Talk.

  2. Emily, I think you raise a good point in that a lot of people don't start to form their own informed opinions until college. I think this is a problem, and that schools should better foster a sense of independence in each student while they're still young. Awesome job!

  3. Great post Emily! I also kept watching this Ted talk and so did my roommate. Media makes up our lives and our decisions because we are so influenced by it and we don't even realize that our decisions are made from media


Talks about Locker Rooms

Where the Boys Are:  Teenage Masculinity   Alexis Jones: Locker Room Talk --  Says Who?                                           ...